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Any use of this website or any of its affiliates assumes that you fully understand and agree to these Terms of Service along with our Privacy Policy.

We reserve the right to add to, delete or change the Terms and Conditions because of frequent changes in Internet technology and applicable law. You are responsible for checking these Terms and Conditions for changes.

I. Membership

- To be a member of our network and receive rewards you must be a resident of U.S or Canada and at least 18 years of age or older. Individuals 16 and 17 years old can also participate, if they have parental permission to do so, although they may not be able to complete certain offers.

- Although Instant Rewards offers a way to earn advertising commissions, it should be understood that it is not a job.

- Users must register with valid information including email address, shipping address and phone number. Any changes should be updated on the site in a timely manner.

- We will verify a user phone number through an automated phone verification system which places a phone call to the number entered and asks them to enter a randomly generated pin before they get access to their member privileges.

- Users will have to provide your details only the first time you register on our network. This account can be extended to any other site within our network.

- One account per person / Internet Connection / Household. If a duplicate account is found both the accounts will be placed on hold.

- Users should not sign up from or even log in from a public area such as a workplace, college campus, or library. A user may also not sign up or log in to our sites via a proxy, which includes ISPs such as AOL. The account will be placed on hold if violated.

- No P.O. Box addresses permitted, if used will have your account placed on hold until a valid address is provided. Stay assured your details will not be given out or sold.

- Accounts may be suspended or closed at any time if suspicious activity is found. Accounts may also be suspended, banned or put on permanent hold for rude, abusive, threatening or profane behavior.

- We reserve the right to put any account on hold indefinitely for violations of our terms of service. If we suspect fraud, false information, prepaid/virtual card use or any terms of service violation, we may also put any account on hold for verification purposes.

- A sponsor/referrer will not be able to receive payment for a referrals completion while that referral is on hold. If a sponsor/referrer is on hold, they will not be able to place any orders on any referrals or receive any downline or bonus commissions while on hold.

- Sending unsolicited emails / messages to acquire referrals and posting your referral links at places where it is not welcome is called Spamming. Spamming will not be tolerated.

- The preferred method of payment is PayPal; Users should have a Verified PayPal Account to receive payments.

- Users may be requested to submit a Scanned copy of their ID and /or a Utility bill if a suspicious activity is detected. Hold will remain on account indefinitely if placed on identification hold and identification is not sent. If prepaid card use or fraudulent transactions are suspected, proof or card and transaction may also be asked, and account will remain on hold indefinitely until proof is provided.

- A registered account with our network is permanent and cannot be deleted. This helps us ensure that nobody else signs up with the same information.

- Promoting our site or getting signups through the use of malware or deceptive redirects is strictly prohibited and will lead to account suspension.

II Sponsor Offers:

- A user must obtain the required amount of credits by completing offers to be counted as a referral for the person who referred them.

- Users may complete an offer only once. Completing an offer more than once will result in the credit being revoked and account being put on Hold.

- Users should only complete offers they are interested in and should not cancel an offer without trying the offer. Completing an offer only to get free gifts is considered fraud and user will not receive credit for such offers, and even if they did receive credit it will be revoked and their account will be placed on hold.

- We reserve the right to refuse or revoke credits for offer completions. Reasons for this include but are not limited to, duplicate offer completions, fraudulent information, the use of prepaid/virtual/gift cards, or non-payment from the providers.

- We reserve the right to refuse a missing credit request for any of the following reasons: 1) If the offer explicitly states that it does not accept missing credit requests. 2) If the offer was completed with invalid information. 3) If the offer was not completed as stated in the requirements/restrictions. 4) If the user was not approved by the advertiser. 5) Early cancellation. 6) If the offer was completed from a public IP or duplicate IP. 7) If the offer was not completed on our site link. 8) If the offer was previously completed on our site or any other site. 9) If the user is not a new customer. 10) If user refuses to provide proofs requested by support. 11) If a prepaid or gift card was used to complete the offer. 12. If the completion was fraudulent. 13) If the offer was completed using a P.O. Box address. 14) If the offer requirements were not fully met or if the offer was completed in violation of any part of our Terms of Service.

- The amount of time taken to get credit for completing an offer varies depending on the offer completed, the advertiser, etc. Approximate crediting times are displayed below the offer description.

- If you have completed an offer and waited the required amount of time but did not received the credit yet, you may place a request by going to the support section. Users may not always receive credit for completions due to circumstances beyond our control.

- We are not responsible for the Terms and Requirements for the Individual offers and are not responsible for any unknown or unexpected charges that you receive from one or more of our offers. We strongly suggest that you read the terms and conditions of the offer before completing it.

- Users shall not use any type of prepaid cards to complete offers. If found, the account will be put on hold permanently.

- Users must signup for the offers by clicking on the link provided on the offers page. Users are advised to disable popup blocks and make sure your browser allows cookies in order to receive credit as well as clear the browser cookies and cache before completing any offers.

- Offer credits cannot be transferred even within our network.

- Users are advised to save all confirmation emails received from the affiliate companies.

- No Walking Through -- A user may not walk a referral through the completion of an offer. All users must sign up for offers based on their personal likes and dislikes themselves. If a user is believed to have walked a referral through offer process, all involved parties will have their accounts placed on hold.

- If an interested party has a disability that affects their ability to use our site they may receive assistance, but a support ticket describing the situation must be created before an offer is completed.

III. Rewards:

- We will make all possible efforts to make sure that our Users receive their payments and rewards at the earliest.

- We will Bank Checks to the mailing/shipping address / PayPal account listed on the user account. It is the responsibility of the account holder to update this information. We are not responsible for rewards lost due to incorrect mailing/shipping addresses.

- We do not guarantee the availability of any reward offered on the sites, we will put all human efforts to bring your rewards to you. If the reward you required is not available at that time, we will contact you and give you all the options available including payments in cash or check. Your reward will be processed and mailed/shipped out at the earliest.

- If your rewards are valued to more than $599.00 you will be required to submit an IRS W-9 or W-8 form. This is required by federal law. The form should be filled in its entirety and mailed back to us at support@instantrewards.net.

- PayPal payments will only be sent to Verified PayPal accounts. If the PayPal account of the user is not verified the payments will not be sent out until their account is verified.

- We are not responsible for lost/ delayed orders due to, but not limited to, incorrect mailing/shipping addresses or errors by the carriers or shipping companies.

- We may request for a copy of the Users ID to verify your account when orders are placed, if you do not comply then payment will not be sent.

Contact Information:

- You contact our support team by sending in an email to support@instantrewards.net. Our user friendly support team will respond to your requests in a timely manner, ensuring that you receive instant responses.

- If you have any questions pertaining to your account or your referrals you are advised to place a support ticket by logging into your account.

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